Saturday, September 11, 2010

Christopher Pike Top 10's been a while. Real life just keeps getting in the way. I'm now working full-time, going to school three nights a week, babysitting on Saturdays, and doing free-lance web design in my free time. Unfortunately it has cut my internet time down to zilch. But I had some free time today and thought I'd update my blog with the best of my favorite author of all time. Yay!

I can't help been reiterate, I was a Christopher Pike FANATIC! I reread some of these books so many times my books fell apart. I've tried a couple of times to make a CP fansite but it keeps falling through. Anywho...without further ado,

Christopher Pike's 10 Best

1o. The Last Vampire
The book that started the insane six-part series. The books got progressively weirder but the original was pretty straightforward. 5000-year-old Sita is being hunted by someone who knows what she really is. She kills her only lead so her only hope on getting any information is to enter high-school and befriend his son. Kind of a predessessor for all the horrible vampire books published today. Along with the Vampire Diaries. A big thanks to Christopher Pike and L.J. Smith for that. ^_-

9. The Wicked Heart

We go back to Nazi Germany with a descendant Heinrich Himmler and his fictional mistress, Olga Scheimer. Dusty Shame is a serial killer who kills to appease the voice of his evil grandmother in his head. The story's pretty crazy, and very very dark, but always made for a good read on a rainy night. I can't emphasize enough just how great a writer Pike is to write this crazy ass story and as you read it make you believe it.

8. Fall Into Darkness
The tale of a girl who plans her own murder and frames her best friend, which was made into a less-than-great TV movie. The story shifts back and forth from the trial to the events leading up to the "murder" and we eventually see it was murder after all. It never gets old and every time I read it I notice something new. And for the record, Johnny the lawyer was totally swoonworthy. If I were Sharon I would've so done him. :p

7. Remember Me
This one is a lot of people's favorite. And for good reason. It's a great story of a murdered girl who goes on her own investigation into her murder by following her friends and entering their dreams. And it has Peter in it! Peter is one of the sexiest male love interests to grace fiction. Ever! I dare you to disagree! And if you're a careful reader you may have noticed he wrote the beginnings of what would become the Eternal Enemy.

6. Final Friends #1: The Party

The whole series is great but there's only room on the list for one. This book is fricken hilarious! From the vending machine toppling over, Sara becoming class president, every interaction Sara has with Russ, and Bubba! Bubba could have his own series and I'd read it. Jessica's not my favorite character (that honor goes to Sara) but I didn't dislike her. (If I hate the lead normally I hate the book. i.e. Twilight) The Dance and The Graduation were both good as well but neither topped the first.

5. Chain Letter 2: The Ancient Evil
It's not often I like a sequel better than the original, but Chain Letter 2 definitely surpassed it's predecessor to me. It may be because I read it first, but this one was so much darker. Full of evil cults and chain letters and death and zombie bitches. It was awesome! And I loved Kipp. I was so sad when he was killed. I wrote a fanfiction lost to time about Brenda and Kipp's unborn baby. Jane wasn't killed and she tracked down the children of Brenda and Kipp and Tony and Allison and there were new chain letters with them and their friends. It was kind of awesome.

4. Whisper of Death
I'm obsessed with dreamlike realities. As is evident in most of my earlier stories. Which makes this entire book a guilty pleasure. I loved the little stories within telling the thinly-veiled deaths of each of the characters. And I still wonder, what the fuck was up with Betty Sue? What was she? Some kind of witch? Some demon from hell? What was she? I want to know!!!!!!!

3. Die Softly
This teenage drug-filled bloodbath was the inspiration for the third incarnation of Any Way the Wind Blows, and Alexa was the inspiration for Pamela Young. It was interesting how in the main cast everyone of them had a little piece of the puzzle but none of them really knew what was going on. I loved the bittersweet ending. Alexa didn't get away with everything, but poor Herb didn't get a happy ending either. :(

2. Master of Murder
Who doesn't love this one? I love Marvin. I love his angst, his paralyzing crush on Shelly, his screwed-up morals. I would love a true sequel to this, not just the little side stories that appeared in the Tales of Terror. Who knows? With Pike resurgence into the mainstream I may get my wish yet.

And topping the list...
1. The Season of Passage
This book changed my life. Fear Street made me want to be a writer, The Season of Passage made me want to write like Christopher Pike. The story itself is pretty complicated. Lauren Wagner goes off on the second expedition to Mars and all sorts of bad things happen, while back on earth her sister writes a story detailing the origin of mankind and the story's true. Her and Lauren are the reincarnations of the sisters in the story, doomed to repeat the same mistakes. The writing is top notch and the description is pretty gruesome. I engulfed this book for the first time in two days when I was twelve. And when I read it recently, I loved it every bit as much as I did fourteen years ago.