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Feaar Street: The New Girl, or, Dead Cats in Lockers ar A-OK and You Should Never Report them to the Authorities

Fear Street was such a huge staple of my childhood and reading through my crappy old novels has sparked the desire to reread one of my most beloved book series. And maybe fulfill my lifelong dream of creating a Fear Street Timeline. Woohoo!

I don't plan on recapping all of them, just a choice few and maybe throw in some Bratz Doll Theatre for the really good ones. But I did do a summery of The New Girl about a year and a half ago before I stumbled upon any Fear Street blogs so I'll start with that.

Ah, Fear Street. This brings back memories. Now these are the books that made me want to be a writer. I lived and breathed Fear Street for two years. These books were about ghost stories and murder, exactly what every ten year girl can’t get enough of, right? Well this one couldn’t at any rate. But more than that what really hooked me on these books was the story of the Fear family. How this evil followed them for over two hundred years, and went on to consume the street the Fears lived on, Fear Street, and anyone who dared to tread.

The first one I ever read was Cheerleaders: The Third Evil. That book not only got me hooked on the series, but on reading in general, and most of all, the important murder device of pushing people off of cliffs that appeared in nearly every one of my earliest stories. t would seem appropriate to start with that one as it remains my favorite to this day, but I will start instead with the very first Fear Street book ever published, The New Girl.

Notice how R.L. Stine’s name isn’t taking up half the cover. Second edition, baby.

I’ve never particularly liked this book but this has always been my favorite cover. The reason: because it’s the only one where you get a glimpse of what Fear Street actually looks like, filled with dilapidated old Victorian houses.

The book opens with a little passage about Fear Street.

Are you sure you want to turn down Fear Street?

The most horrifying things seem to happen to those who live on Fear Street.

The town of Shadyside is nice enough. And the students at Shadyside High seem to be an average group of kids.

So why does everyone tell such stories about Fear Street…?

About unspeakable terrors, troubled cries in the night, twisted nightmares…

About people who venture into the Fear Street woods and are never seen again…

About strange cries late at night from the old Simon Fear mansion--a house that’s been deserted for fifty years…

About lost teenagers, mysterious fires, brutal crimes, unsolved mysteries…

About normal people--people just like you--who turn down Fear Street…and are never quite normal again!

Go ahead. Take a walk down Fear Street. Those stories couldn’t be true. No way. There couldn’t be that much terror awaiting you in one narrow, old street--could there?

Our book opens with a someone thinking over how easy it was to kill her sister Anna. Sure, she expected to feel guilty, but she never expected it to be so easy. A real psychopath, this one. Anyway, the prologue ends with her screaming “Anna’s dead, Mom!” Oh noes!

Then our book really begins. With our main character, Cory Brooks. Cory’s a gymnast and he’s testing his skills in the cafeteria by standing on one hand and balancing his lunch tray in the other. Why didn’t people do this when I was in high school? He catches glimpse of this absolutely gorgeous girl on the other side of the caf and literally falls for her (corny but begged to be done), losing his balance and collapsing on the floor, causing the tray of spaghetti to come crashing down on his head. His friends who are also on the gymnastics team, Arnie and David, laugh and make fun of him. He leaves the lunchroom covered in spaghetti and runs into his old friend and token girl-next-door, Lisa Blume. They both live in North Hills, the ritzier side of town. Fear Street is for white trash, by the way. She makes fun of him and gives him one of her extra shirts to wear and he washes his hair in the water fountain. It becomes quite evident to the reader that Lisa wants more than friendship from him. While in the hall he sees his mystery babe again, but she disappears inside a classroom.

Cory looks for her for three days with no luck. And he sucks when he goes to gymnastics practice. He keeps having semi-erotic dreams about her. Okay, maybe semi-erotic is a but of a stretch. He and Lisa walk home together, his thoughts on the pretty blond, and Lisa leans against him trying to get the courage to ask him out. And at the same time she asks him what he’s doing that weekend and he asks her if she’s seen the pretty new girl. Lisa drops about a thousand hints that she likes him and he asks her again if she’s seen the pretty new girl. Lisa knows her as Anna Corwin, and she’s very annoyed that Cory seems to like her.

Cory’s all excited and about to piss himself because Anna’s a real person and not a figment of his warped imagination and pesters Lisa about her. Lisa knows nothing but that she transferred from Melrose and moved onto Fear Street. Cory thinks Fear Street is creepy and there are a bunch of little tales about why Cory would think such a thing. When they get to their houses Lisa tries once again to ask him out but he cuts her off and goes into his house dreaming about the audacious Anna.

Cory calls information and gets Anna’s phone number and address. He even talks to a real person! Even when I was ten information was completely automated! Cory debates whether or not he should call her for over a page and finally decides to do so. The person who answers tells him there’s no Anna there and hangs up.

The next day at school Cory finally runs into Anna herself and makes conversation with her. He tells her she’s new and that she lives on Fear Street and says he called her house but they said there’s no Anna there. Stalker! She quickly runs into the classroom. Even if she wasn’t a crazy psycho I think she’d do the same thing.

They have a gymnast meet against Mattawan. Anna comes to watch and Cory screws up royally. He spends Saturday night obsessing about Anna. He goes over to Lisa’s and wants to talk to her about Anna. Lisa calls him a creep and tells him to go home. Cory calls Anna’s house again and gets a woman. He asks for Anna and she gets terse. In the background he hears a girl screaming “It’s for me!” and the woman tells him to just leave them alone. How he torments this poor family.

Cory’s creeped out, finding it all too mysterious, and decides to pay Anna a little visit at her house on Fear Street. While he’s driving over there he listens to the radio, where they’re playing a 24-hour marathon of Beatles music in alphabetical order. WTF?

He pulls up to foggy Fear Street thinking about a childhood trauma in the Fear Street woods and make himself go up to Anna’s house. A man comes up behind him, making him piss his pants (not literally) and asks if he needs any help. Cory says he was looking for the Corwins and the weirdo tells him they’re strange people. I think he’s a peeping tom. They’ve only been living there for a couple weeks.

He gets away from the creepy old man and knocks on the door. A young man answers, and when he asks for Anna the man tells him angrily that Anna’s dead.

Cory’s a little uneased by the whole thing (understandable) and spends Monday looking for Anna. He asks Lisa if she’s seen her and Lisa tells her she’s absent today and asks what his problem is. He pulls her aside and tells her the strange tale of going to her house. The have an almost-argument and he gets the idea of pulling her file in the office where he works after school on Mondays. His job is to use the ditto machine. What the hell is a ditto machine??? Is it a copier? Is that what they called them back in 1989? He got the brilliant idea of looking through the student records for Anna’s. While digging through them he nearly gets caught and dives under the desk just in time. He goes back to the files, and find there are no Corwins.

Cory goes to the school basketball game with his friends and spends the whole evening thinking about creepy ghosty Anna. He winds up telling them about Anna not having a file. His friend David brilliantly suggests that her file might not have been sent from her old school yet. He goes home and is awakened in the middle of the night by a mysterious phone call telling him to stay away from Anna. She’s dead and he’ll be dead next. Oh noes!

Cory tries to go back to sleep but is interrupted by yet another phone call. It’s Anna! Goody for Cory. She says she needs him to help her and asks him to come. She’ll meet him just past her house. He steals his dad’s car and goes, thinking about more chilling tales of Fear Street lore, and parks on the street. Anna climbs into his car, making his shit his pants (well, maybe). He asks what’s wrong? Can he help her? He can’t stop thinking about her. She says she’s been thinking about him, too. He finally comes down to it and tells her he needs to know if she’s even real. She says she’s real, and kisses him to prove it. She kisses him really hard and needy like. Eventually she goes to leave. He asks her why she called him and she tells him it was to see if he would come.

Cory continues to question her about the guy that keeps saying she’s dead. She tells him it’s her brother Brad. He’s not only crazy, he’s dangerous! Oooooh! She runs out of the car before Cory can force anything else out of her.

He wakes up late the next morning, which is the day he has a gymnastics meet. He thinks about what happened last night after Anna left. He’d run after her and the creepy old man’s dog attacked him. His name is Voltaire, by the way. The dog. Awesome name. He does horribly at the meet. Lisa goes to comfort him and tells him all about the previous night when she went over her cousin’s. Her cousin had a friend over who was from Melrose (coincidently where Anna’s from! Oh me oh my where is this going!). She tells him Anna had been in this girls class, but that she had died. There were all kinds of rumors. She’d fallen down the basement steps and died instantly. Cory won’t believe it so Lisa tells him to ditch the rest of the meet and go with her to the library and they’d investigate it. They find it on microfilm. A blurry picture of Anna with the caption , Melrose Sophomore dies in accident.

That night Cory has disturbing nightmares about Anna. The phone rings waking him up. It’s Anna, she wants him to meet her in front of the burnt out old shell of Simon Fear’s mansion.

He follows her call and waits in his car in front of the mansion, thinking all kinds of creepy paranoid things. Cory finally goes to the house where he encounters the evil Brad. Brad grabs him by the coat screaming that Anna is dead and to leave him alone. He lets Cory go after scaring the crap out of him.

He acts like a zombie in school and Lisa tries to cheer him up. She reminds him about the dance on Saturday and asks if he would want to go with her. Lisa’s not too bright. She knows he’s completely hung up on Anna and still wants to date him. He tells her he’ll go and then Anna comes up to them and Lisa introduces herself. They talk for a minute and Lisa bounces off to class. Anna reminds Cory about Friday in the Car and tells him he’s hers. She runs off.

That afternoon Cory goes with Lisa to her locker, but there’s blood everywhere! Somebody had killed a cat, slitting open it’s stomach in her locker. Ew. Oh, and attached to the cat is an endearing note claiming she’s dead, too. And instead of, you know, REPORTING this to anyone, they clean it out themselves, Lisa suggesting Anna did it because she’s jealous about the dance. You know, if anyone had found a dead cat in their locker at my high school, there probably would’ve been a lockdown and some serious questioning. I know this was published back in 1989, but STILL!!!

Cory catches up with Anna afterwards and tells her what happened. Judging from her reaction he’s sure she didn’t do it. He then confronts her about her creepy brother Brad. She gets all hysterical and he tries to calm her down by kissing her. She shoves him away and tells her to stay away, her brother’s there.

After school his parents make a big to-do about Cory’s date with Lisa and he feels weird. His parents leave to go to Lisa’s to play her parents. He’s trying to do homework when his friend David calls him and tries to get him to talk about him and Anna. Cory gets mad and they hang up on each other. Cory goes over to the Blume’s to see how Lisa’s doing (I’m guessing she didn’t tell her parents about the cat). He notices her laugh is sexy and then tells her about Anna and reads the paper (why does she like him again?). She then gets a threatening call telling her she’s dead, too.

They go to the dance together and Lisa keeps insisting that it was Anna that made the call and put the cat in the locker. Lisa tells him Anna’s a good actress and has him fooled. Give the girl a prize! They get in an argument about it and Lisa storms off. Minutes later Cory hears her scream. Cory finds her at the bottom of a flight of stairs. She was pushed! Oh noes! From her description of her assailant Cory figures out it was Brad. They search the building and get locked in a classroom. Cory uses his super spiderman skills to climb out the window onto the roof and shimmy down a tree then goes back to unlock the door for Lisa.

Cory goes to Anna’s to confront Brad. No one’s there but the creepy neighbor.

Cory waits for Anna by her locker at school. He makes her go get pizza with him and tell him EVERYTHING! Oooh! Anna’s father ditched them, her mother’s not well. Brad had a girlfriend, Emily, who died in a plane crash, and he never got over her death. The drama! She tells him about her older sister Willa who was the true beauty of the family. Brad started confusing Willa for Emily and saying she was dead. Then Willa died. She fell down the basement stairs. They moved, hoping to snap Brad out of his stupor but it didn’t help. Now he’s getting overly protective of Anna and saying she’s dead.

Brad appears at the pizza place and Anna takes off, terrified.

Later Cory calls Anna and Brad picks up telling him again that Anna’s dead. Cory goes to Anna’s. He goes into the house. Anna’s screaming that Cory’s come to see her. Brad tells him to get out of there. Cory and Brad get into a fight and Cory finally renders Brad unconscious. Cory wants to call the police (Cory’s thinking! Go Cory!) but Anna just wants to celebrate. She gets a dagger and says it’ll take care of Brad. He tries to stop her but she won’t let him. He holds her back. Brad comes to and Cory warns him to stay away. Brad tells him he tried to warn him, that he wanted to keep Cory safe from her.

Brad tells him the Whole Story. She’s really Willa and Anna was her older sister. She pushed Anna down the stairs. Because their mother is ill and couldn’t handle losing both her daughters Brad didn’t pursue it, he thought she would get better once they moved. But found out she was dressing like Anna and calling herself Anna at school once Cory came around. And she’s been making all the threats to his friend. That he did push Lisa at the school but it was a mistake, he thought she was Anna. He tells Cory to call the police.

Cory tells Lisa the whole story and tells her she should pick his girlfriends for him. She says maybe she should and kisses him. The End. I wonder what happened to Willa.

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Before I delve into another novel length piece of crap like The Enemy Within, I bring to you another interesting tidbit from my childhood.

My best friend was a girl named Amanda who remains my best friend to this day. We met in third grade and befriended each other in fourth. We were both outcasts, quiet, loners, and we both LOVED to write stories. Of course we were drawn to each other. Now we tried to coauthor books a couple of times but it just didn’t work out on pen and paper. Instead, we had roleplays. Roleplays that became long, over the top, drawn out soap operas.

It began with Sweet Valley, on a dark stormy winters night Amanda and I sat in my mother’s room playing the SVH board game and we began to make the piece talk to each other. It turned into a storyline. A continuing storyline. Eventually we added more characters and places and the whole thing sort of snowballed out of control. More on this later.

The second was Daycare, predecessor to Any Way the Wind Blows, in which Amanda played Kimmy and I played my Ultimate Mary Sue, Kella Coffield. There they drove Mrs. Cranberry insane, framed innocent men for molestation, dabbled in the dark arts, and played that wonderful children’s game, Dry Dry Wet. But today I am going to focus on Montrose.

Montrose was the third and last of our roleplays. In it we took the major characters from Melrose Place, turned them into children, changed their personalities, and made them all live in the same apartment complex! Make sense? No?

Now unfortunately the stories involving our roleplays were never written down except for some of Sweet Valley, but I do have my folder full of notes and other strange articles and my meticulous memory.
Characters as I remember them:

Kimberly Shaw: The wild child who was always getting into trouble. She was very vocal and demanding. She hung out with Michael and Jake. As she got older she had huge breasts. She tried to fake her death to escape from some crazy guy by jumping off a cliff with a bungee cord attached to her (Yeah, I REALLY liked Fall Into Darkness). She ended up in a box for six months before making her way back to Montrose super skinny. (Suspension of disbelief, folks!) She and Michael eventually had a daughter named Roxana.

Michael Mancini: A whiny, shy boy. I believe he was a bit of a mama’s boy. He was latched to Kimberly’s side. Jake was his best friend. He loved to torture Jane because she was in love with him. He had a way with women as he got older. In high school he got in trouble and was sent to live with his dad in the city. There he joined a gang and killed a couple of people, shedding his crybaby skin. He came back and swept Kimberly off her feet, but that didn’t stop him from cheating on her with Jo and knocking her up.

Jake Hanson: Jake lived in the worst part of town and his brother was an asshole. He was always in love with Jo and they got together when they got older. Don’t remember too much about him except when Michael came back from Chicago Jake followed his tough guy attitude. He never knew Jo’s baby was actually Michael’s.

Dean Morton: One of the few original characters to this series. Dean was rich and cool and best known for being bi. People teased him by calling him Mr. Morton, and singing Mr. Morton is the subject of my sentence, what the predicate says, he does. Eventually he married Sydney. He was also related somehow to Bruce Patman in our SV roleplay and there was some sort of crossover storyline that I can't remember much of.

Jo Reynolds: Pretty much Kimberly’s arch-rival. She was very aggressive and wanted to be the leader of their group as much as Kimberly did. Eventually the two formed an alliance. She married Jake but cheated on him with Michael.

Sydney Andrews: Jane’s younger sister who always had a thing for Dean. She was discovered as a model and lived in Paris for a few years. When she came back she had problems with money and worked at a strip club (she was like fifteen so it must’ve been a pretty seedy strip club). Dean discovered her there and took her into his arms and said she didn’t have to do it anymore and paid all her bills. Kind of pretty woman-ish.

Jane Andrews: A pathetic little girl who was hopelessly in love with Michael. She was Sydney’s older sister. She didn’t have much of a part. The first six I listed were pretty much the main characters.
Billy Campbell and Alison Parker: Everybody made fun of Billy. He grew up to marry Alison, who always loved him. He liked to write and was on his laptop all the time. Alison grew jealous and eventually gave him an ultimatum, her or the laptop. And Billy of course chose…the laptop? In a jealous rage when Billy was asleep Alison drew a face on the computer screen with lipstick and stuck a condom on the cord and left Billy. Yeah….
Billie Camp-bell: Pretty much the female version of Billy. She was only around in the daycare period. Don’t remember much about her.

Amanda Woodward: I know she was there but we didn’t do much with her. She grew up to marry Peter Burns.

Matt Fielding: The resident gay guy. He had a relationship with a guy named Marty. He ended up marrying Suzi, daughter of a maid in his parent’s house, out of convenience.

Suzi: Resident lesbian. She married Matt. She thought Sydney was hot.

Of course they started out in daycare and grew up and went to high school. I have a class list of the daycare placements.

Group 1: Billie C, Billy C, Alison P, Jane A.
Group 2: Jo R, Jake H, Suzi S, Matt F.

Group 3: The three-year-olds
Group 4: Dean M, Sydney A, Amanda W, Michael M, Kimberly S.

Now when they were in the fifth grade age group a new girl moved to town named Quinn Elsworth. Because that’s what you always do when you’re story’s getting a little stagnant, introduce a new character! Quinn wasn’t only just shiny and new, but she was pretty and smart, and not afraid to get into trouble. So of course all the guys liked her, especially Dean and Jake, much to Jo and Sydney’s chagrin.

Quinn, Jake and Dean were put into a special class in which they had to write and act out a play. Quinn had a beef with the teacher and was more than happy to write it. So under the guise of Quinn Elsworth, I penned the intriguing play of scandal and eroticism, Eight Sick Children Starring: Quinn Elsworth as Quinn Pauline Duncan as Pauline Ginger Garvin as Meryl Barbara Newton as Sela Dennis Morton as Wolfie Joey Hanson as Theo Melvin Warner as Rex Ross Sherlock as Jed

[I have no idea why Dean and Jake are credited as Dennis and Joey. Maybe I was planning to add this to my writing portfolio and feared copyright infringement??? Not likely…]

Scene 1

Meryl: What are you going to do Sela
Sela: I’m going to kiss him Meryl
Meryl: Where?
Sela: All over
Meryl: Why?
Sela: Because I want to sex him up.
Meryl: That’s great. After that will you sex me up
Sela: Maybe

[Story so far: Sela’s a whore and it turns Meryl on, but Sela’s not so sure she’s into chicks.]
Scene 2

Jed: I need to be sexed up.
Rex: Why Jed?
Jed: Because I’m a lesbian Rex.
Rex: But you’re a guy Jed.
Jed: So I had a sex change Rex.
(Rex runs off into the night screaming)
Jed: What?
(Sela walks up.)
Sela: Hello sex kitten.
Jed: Hi Sela.
Sela: Wait a second. I have to do something.
Jed: What do you have to do Sela?
Sela: I have to scratch my balls.
Jed: Can I do it for you?
Sela: Sure.
(He scratches her balls.)

[Recap: Sela’s a he and Jed’s a she and Rex is by far the most normal person in this play.]

Scene 3
(Rex runs into Wolfie and Theo).
Wolfie: Watch where you’re go9nig ass hole.
Theo: Yeah.
Rex: Wolfie, Theo, please don’t hurt me.
(They beat Rex up)

[Recap: Theo and Wolfie are douche bags and Rex has no balls.]
Scene 4

Quinn: Pauline, you are such a bitch.
Pauline: You are too Quinn.
Quinn: You’re going to wish you never had said that--

And that’s where the play broke off and Quinn went off on a long winded spiel of how the teacher was making them do nasty things to each other and that he actually wrote the play and he ended up getting fired. Quinn had serious psychotic issues.

Amanda and I wrote a compatibility test for this series and each character took it. Some of my friends at school also ended up taking it. No boys, though, so I couldn’t really tell them who they were actually “compatible” with.

1. If you were stuck in an elevator for three hours, who would it be with?
A. Fabio

B. Pee Wee Herman

C. Shenade O’Conner

D. Genevieve Morton
[Dean’s MILF mom]
E. Other__________

[Because these are the types of hard hitting questions that truly determine a good relationship.]

2. Out of these, what is your favorite.
A. Pease

B. Carrots
C. Chocolate

D. Vanilla

3. Who’s your favorite actor out of these?

A. Jim Carrey
B. Brad Pitt

C. Tom Cruise
D. Leonardo DiCaprio

Who’s your favorite actress out of these?
A. Pamela Lee

B. Madonna

C. Demi Moore

D. Roseanne

5. Which of these is the date of your desire?
A. Going to the beach

B. Going to the movies

C. Going to dinner

6. Which is your favorite position in sex?

A. Top

B. Bottom

[Doggie Style]

[I think I’ll stop now…]

7. Which type of sex do you prefer?

A. Kinky
B. Normal

8. Do you prefer pudding or jello?

A. Pudding

B. Jello

9. Are you a boy or a girl?

A. Boy
B. Girl

10. What do you think are Bert and Ernie truly?

A. Gay

B. Ernie rapes Bert every night. That’s why he’s always pissed off.

11. Do you prefer sex to watching TV?

A. Yes.

B. No.

12. What are you?

A. Gay

B. Straight

[What? No bi option? And here I was trying to be politically correct. Or maybe I just didn’t realize people could be both yet…]

13. Are you a fruit?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Other

[?????? The only thing I can guess is this was some sort of inside joke. Maybe?] 14.

What is funnier?

A. Milk

B. Cheese

15. What is smarter?

A. Geek
B. Nerd

16. What song is better?

A. Oh Dean by S-E-X

B. Sextool by S-E-X
[S-E-X was the favorite band among the group in this thing. And Oh Dean was written in honor of Dean. I can’t remember why.]

17.Why is six afraid of seven?

A. 7,8,9
B. seven ate nine

18. What is your favorite drink?
A. Liquor

B. Whisky

C. Tequila

D. Wine

E. All of the above

[Have I mention I was already drinking at the age of twelve…]

19. Are you a violent person?

A. Yes
B. No

C. Sometimes

20. Are you a piece of cheese?
A. Yes
B. No


If you answered Yes to number 20, you are really really stupid.

When the gang was in high school there Alison and Jake teamed up to get revenge on everyone else for something (no idea what). They spied on people and found out their secrets and sent them little mocking notes, of which we wrote down. Ph3ar our mad rhyming skillz!

A millionare, and a million dollar whore, a star-maker, and an unkown adulterer, a woman whose lust were as cold as graveyard snow. Five of the most powerful people in the world, yet they do not know it. What is the connection?

[This is copied almost verbatim from Cocaine and Blue Eyes, and has little to do with what was going on. I just thought it sounded cool.]

The millionare knows it, as do I, the deadly secret he’s trying to hide.

You know who I am, but you don’t, you want to tell but you won’t. You’re working with Matt, but truthfully I think you want to get further than that.

You need extra money, I know that is true. If you get really desperate, what else will you do?

You strip in a bar that is noisy and loud, but what you don’t know is there’s and extra in the crowd.

Suzi You wash the windows, you scrub the floors, when people come, you open doors. You do what they say, and take their hats, now I know you live at Matts.

You listen to people, you do what they say. If Matt weren’t gay, he’d have his way.

He’s seen more of you than most, I know you’ve had him as your private host.

You dumped Marty, yes? You had sex with Suzi, and you think she’s the best.

You know about Kim, I’m quite sure of that, I know about Carl, and I’m sure you’re madly in love with Matt.

You had sex with Michael and you liked it so, when you want some, you know where to go.

You’ve read all the stories, and you know what I think. You’ve probably done everything, even the kitchen sink.

Your parents don’t know what goes on at home, when they leave the house and you all alone.

Suzi You’ve seen other girls, and you know that their good. But what you want now, is Sydney in the hood.

Syd You’ve heard the same, and you know it’s a shame. That you’ve given up boys, to play with girls toys.

You’re in love with Michael, or so that’s what they say, but what they don’t know, is that you have to pay.

Kim's Story
Kim wanted some
So she had sex with Sean
She did it a lot
And pregnant she got
And she didn't know what to do
Because Michael just up and left "you!"
The Sentual End

And I leave off with a piece of artwork drawn in the daycare era, by “Kimberly.”

Apparently a very large girl named Helga is trying to grope Michael’s underarms. Kimberly has just stabbed “Her,” which has the name Billie crossed out under her picture. Maybe that’s what happened to Billie. And Cara, Gillian, and Selena are watching the whole thing with smiles on their very round faces.

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Terrible Tales of Horror: The Enemy Within, The FINAL Nightmare

Chapter 32: Slipping Away

[A Stabbing Westward song. If you don’t know who Stabbing Westward is, look them up on iTunes right now. They are the soundtrack to everything I wrote in seventh grade.]

The next day found Dawn Sullivan in her room packing. I’ve got to get out of here. I’ve got to leave, before everything gets even more out of control.

As she was packing her things, she felt a chill rising up her spine. She quickly spun around to find her dearest friend Jenni behind her. She rais her hand to the small of her neck. “Jenni, you scared me half to death.”

Jenni seemed to speak like a robot. “Dawn.”


“I know who you are.”

Dawn looked at her questionally. “Whatever Jenni.

“No really Dawn. I know who you are. You may not realize it, but I’m--”

She was cut off by Sela walking into the room. Sela cleared her thoat and looked from Dawn to Jenni. Sela was always a perceptive girl, and Dawn kind of figured that she had a pretty good idea of what Jenni was about to tell Dawn. “Jenni, don’t you have something you should be doing right now Sela?” [huh?]

“Yes, of course Sela.” And she was gone. [Since when does Gracie back away from Lauren?]

Then Sela looked at Dawn. Dawn wanted to tear her dark green eyes away from Sela’s blue ones, [Didn’t Dawn have blue eyes?] but she couldn’t. She didn’t know why, but she felt like Sela was reading her mind. [I think Lauren spent the last fifty years becoming a witch with mind controlling powers.]

Suddenly Sela dropped her gaze. “As you wish it Julie.” Sela turned around, but then quickly turned back around, walked quickly up to Dawn, grabbed her wrist and squeezed tight. “But I’d unpack my things if I were you. There’s no way in hell that you’re leaving this cabin.” And then, she was really gone. She left so quickly, it was almost as if she had dissinigrated in the air.

Dawn looked at her wrist, it was red.

Bright red.

If there was one thing she knew about Sela, it was that Sela was not human. But what was she? [I can squeeze my own wrist hard enough to make it red. Does that mean I’m not human, too?]

Chapter 33: To hell and Back

Gracie was sitting by the lake with her feet dangling in the water. It was a thing she did when she was worried. There was something Lauren was not telling her, and it had her scared to death.

What was going on? Everything was going so perfect till someone’s mind started wondering. [You call killing innocent children and teenagers perfect? God I hope she comes to a bad end.] Gracie was not sure who that person was, her senses were still not as keen as Lauren’s. [Does that mean these weird alien body hopping spirits get psychic powers, too?]

At least now Lauren was being civil towards her.

Gracie raise her eyes from the water to the sun. What the hell? It was red. Deep dark blood red. The sun. The whole sky. It was covered in that deep dark red. [Do you think this has anything to do with that crazy prophecy even crazier Phoebe made as she pulled the hair from her dead step-sister’s decapitated head?]

Then she heard voices behind her laughing. She turned around shocked to see a deep cracked desert. What’s going on?

She started to run. She kept running and running until she came to a scene. It was a strange scene. One she had never seen before, she was sure of that. But why did it seem so familiar?

“Lauren!” she yelled out to the bottomless pits of this hell hole. And then--as if to answer her--the ground started moving and shakin violently.


Then the ground split open in two. Gracie ever-so-slowly started to lose her balance and slip in.

And when she fell, she fell forever and never hit the bottom, and never would. [Stolen from Christopher Pike, again.]

* * * * *

Lauren looked down at Gracie, dreaming about going to hell. Lauren knew she could make the dream end right that moment if she wanted. But now, she wanted to see Gracie squirm. [Guess she didn’t change that much.] As Lauren herself had done many times over the years.

Lauren looke up at the sun. She loved staring at it. When she was alive in Scottland years earlier, she was always one of those people who could stare and stare at the sun, and not even flinch. [So she was always a little cooky.]

But Lauren knew things. Things she wasn’t supposed to know. She knew what would happen when they went through the gateway. She had known for the last ninety-seven years that little Julie had followed her and Gracie had followed them. Lauren knew that Gracie’s love for her daughter was greater than words could say. [What’ve you been smoking? Gracie was a terrible mother.] Since her husband Frank had died before Julie was even born, Gracie had been very careful with Julie. Trying to make sure she didn’t lose her like she lost Frank. Doesn’t look like she did too well, she often thought.

Maybe she was wrong to think that, or maybe she was right. Either way anyway the wind blows, life is like a black rose. [Oh my God! I used that in this story! This was kind of my motto at the time. I think I even signed yearbooks with this saying. It was also the tagline for, you guessed it, Any Way the Wind Blows. I even wrote a poem based on it.]

Lauren knew one other thing as well. Justin’s, Gracie’s, and even hers; time on Earth is almost over. She knew that it would be over in the next few days, that’s why she arranged it, even thought it was Jenni’s parents sopposed idea. Lauren knew mind control all right. [Thanks for clarifying.]

And Lauren kenw that each and every day Dawn, or Julie, was getting closer to solving the riddles in her dreams. But if Dawn solved them too soon, it could be dangerous. [Didn’t Dawn already figure out that she’s Julie and Gracie’s her mom like fifteen chapters ago?]

Just like Gracie was getting closer to the truth. But that wasn’t dangerous. Not to Gracie at least. Especially on this side.

Lauren sat down and snapped her fingers. Automatically, Graced woke up and stared at Lauren.

“Do you understand Gracie?”

“Yes, Lauren.” [I wish I did!]

Lauren looked into her eyes to make sure that she was sincere. And she truly was.

“Come one, Gracie, it’s time.”

“Time for what?”

“You know, Gracie, you know better than anybody.”

Gracie looked down at the ground trying to figure out what Lauren meant. And Lauren felt pity for her for some reason.

A long time ago Gracie burried the answer deep within herself. And now she was trying to bring it back up above the surface.

“Come on anyways. It’s time to confront Julie.”


Chapter 34: Get it Julie

Dawn was pacing back and forth across her room trying to figure out the poems. Both of them that were told to her in her dream. [Not again…]

And the day came
That the risk
To remain closed in a bud
Became more difficult
Than the risk it took
To blossom.

One bright day on a sunny night two dead bous stood up to fight back to back. They faced each other, pulled out their swords, and shot each other. The deaf policeman heard the noise, ran right over and shot the dead boys. If you don’t believe my lie is true, then ask the blind man, he saw it too.

These two poems keep running throught her head again and again.

And then, it clicked.

The two dead boys were Gracie and Lauren. [Oh wow, it did have some meaning to the story! Although…stupid.]

The blind man, and the deaf policeman, were both her, Julie Louise Deck.

And it was true, she had heard and sene them, but pretended that she hadn’t, so in a way, she was deaf and blind.

And about that other one, that was true as well, she was afraid of what would happen if she were to tell someone exactly who and what she is or was.

She knew. She finally got the picture.


Lauren was going to be pissed.

Chapter 35: The Joining

The four spirits of the passed [possessed?] were gathered together in the cabin that night.

That fateful night of all nights. Everything was changing. And changing fast. None of them except he intriguing Lauren Sanders, knew the hell they were pointed for. And noen of the others cared. And they always wondered why.

* * * * *

That night was full of excitement, wrath, envy, and intrigue. [I was really milking this story for all it was worth…]

Dawn was sitting by the fire with Jenni. The real Jenni. Dawn could tell. And as for Nicholas [Justin] and Sela, well, Dawn couldn’t give less of a damn about them.

“How are you doing Jenni?”

“Fine,” Jenni looked at Dawn. “I haven’t bee in here in a while. Have I killed anybody else?” [I feel kind of bad for Jenni, actually.]

“Don’t ask me that kind of question.”

“But I need to know. Tell me Dawn!”

“You don’t want to know the answer.” [Dawn, you’re a bitch. You know damn well she didn’t kill anyone. There’s no one else there to kill.]

“Oh no.”

Then Sela and Nicholas walked in. “Dawn, say goodbye to Jenni.”

“Sela, what are you talking about?” Jenni asked.

“I think I know,” Dawn said looking at Jenni. “Goodbye Jenni.”

“But. . . .” Her faint whimper carried across the room a slight chill. And Dawn knew she would never see the real Jenni again.

“Goodbye,” she whispered.

Then Gracie transformed before them. It was truly fascinating to watch it before her very own eyes.

“Hello Gracie, Julie, Justin, we’re finally one big happy family.” Sela took a seat on the couch.

“What the hell are you talking about, Sela?”

Sela smiled at Dawn’s remark. “Gee Julie, you’re about as perceptive as your mother.” [I’m starting to like Lauren.]

“Leave her out of this Lauren. This is between you and me. It has nothing to do with Julie or Justin.” The two women rose to their feet. [Catfight!]

“Mother,” Dawn murmered.

“What?” Gracie said sending a questioning look at Julie.

“Look, the four of us are together, that’s what counts.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Gracie asked. [Yes, please elaborate.]

“Auntie Lauren.” Dawn looked up at her mother and her half-aunt. [Completely pointless plot twist!]

Gracie and Lauren were half sisters. They had known that for years, and that’s one of the things that made their fight so illusive.

“We’re all together.” She looked at Dawn. “Julie,” then she looked at Gracie. “Meet your mother.”

Dawn just stared at her. “I know,” she said pitifully. [Yeah, I wouldn’t be so thrilled with Gracie being my mother, either.] But then Lauren broke Gracie’s concentration when she screamed. “Lauren,” Gracie said now looking at her dear old friend.

But it was the strangest thing, just as Gracie and Justin went to see what was wrong with Lauren, they felt the strange sensation of death as well. And as Dawn stared at them amused, she notice something, their original souls were separating from the bodies they possessed. Justin from Nicholas, Gracie from Jenni, and Lauren from Sela. It was the most amazing thing she had ever witnessed. Then something started to disturb her. [Started to?] If they were all beings from other worlds, why wasn’t it happening to her? [Good point!]

Then as quickly as the process had begun, it was over. Little Julie looked at Gracie and Lauren in their original form, Gracie with her brown hair and blue eyes, and Lauren with her blond hair and blue eyes.

They seemed to be frozen in time though, they looked like there were over two-hundred years before. [Umm…ninety-seven.] Then--oddly enough--they started to kill each other. [Who would've guessed they'd ever try to do that?] Just tried to break them apart while Dawn just sat crouched down in the corning, staring, with seemingly vacant eyes.

“Momma, Auntie Lauren,” she jumped up. “Have you no sense at all?”

And as she said that, and they stopped, they all felt an uncomfortable cold around them.

“What’s going on?” Lauren said.

“I don’t know. You’re the one who seems to know everything that’s going on,” Gracie said to Lauren sarcastically.

Then, to all of they’re surprises, the gateway appeared. [This is so badly written, yet I’m finding this part so hard to snark at… :(]

“Oh my God,” Dawn muttered.

“It’s back,” Lauren said.

“I think we should go through it,” Justin said. “And get out of this hell hole.”

“Yeah,” Gracie and Lauren said in unison [I spelled it right!] and looked at each other.

“Well let’s go.” And Justin went through.

“Julie, let’s go,” Gracie said to her daughter.

“No momma. This is my world,” she looked around the cabin. “I don’t belong in your world Momma. You go.”

“No Julie not without you. You’re my baby. My little girl.”

“Momma, I can’t go.” [You ditched me to go partying with Lauren in another dimension. You guys spent the next century trying to kill each other. You killed most of my friends. You killed my little sister. Like HELL I’d go anywhere with you, bitch!]

“But Julie.”

“Let’ her stay, Gracie,” Lauren said from behind them.

“She’s right Momma, go.”

“No. I’m not leaving without you Julie.”

“Momma, you have to, you can’t stay here.”

Lauren tugged at Gracie’s hand. “Let’s go. Before it closes up.”

“I’ll never forget you Julie.”

“I wont’ either Julie.”

“Goodbye Momma. Goodbye Auntie Lauren.” And then they were gone too. [Umm…that was a little anti-climactic.]
Chapter 36: Scottland

“Well this sure seems like de’ja vu, now doesn’t it Gracie?” Lauren asked.


* * * * *

When they were at the place where Gracie’s house had been ninety-seven years before, they stopped. Shocked. Absolutely nothing about the house had changed.

“What do you think happened, Lauren?”

“I don’t know, Gracie, I just don’t.”

The two old friends and half-sisters joined hands and went into the big, beautiful house.

Then Gracie’s long-lost husband, Frank Deck, ran up to them and picked Gracie up. “Gracie, Gracie, Gracie, wehre on Earth have you been. I was worried about you.” He looked at Lauren. “Well hello there, Lauren. How are you?” [Why is he alive now?]

“Fine, what year is it?”

“It’s 1899, what else did you expect?’

Lauren smiled and looked at Gracie, who was staring up at Frank, smiling.

“How’s Julie?” Lauren suddenly asked. She didn’t know why, she just had to know.

Frank looked at her strangely. “Julie died while Gracie was giving birth to her. Right Grcie.”

“Of course Frank.” [What was that bit she said about never forgetting Julie?]

* * *

Gracie never remembered what truly happened. It was as if nothing that ever was, ever is. But Lauren knew. Lauren always knew. As did Julie. But Julie was no longer her. She never existed before 1982. Not like Gracie, or Lauren, or even Justin perhaps. But nothing was ever as it seemed. Not even for poor Dawn. [Does this make any sense at all?]


Jennifer Miller awoke to Sela Sullivan shaking her awake.

“Sela, what do you want?”

“What’s going on.” Jenni looked at her, she was scared. Truly scared.

Jenni got up and looked around. The last thing she remembered was talking to Dawn. Dawn had said goobye to her. Why though. Why did she say goodbye.

Jenni looked over on the table and something caught her attention. “What’s that?” she muttered.

She walked over and on her way there she almost tripped on the body of a handsome boy. Who’s he? she thought. Oh well. [Yeah, there’s a strange guy in your parent’s cabin and Dawn’s missing. That’s EXACTLY what I’d think.]

She went to the table and saw a knife. Jenni picked it up and held it tight. It felt good to hold. It had an ivory handle. [The knife that killed Chloe! Very smart Jenni!]

Then a note on the table caught her eye. She quickly picked it up.

That’s Dawn’s handwriting, she thought. Quickly, she read it:

Dear Jenni, Bye the time you read this I will be long gone. Don’t ask me why I’m leaving, I just have to make a new life for myself. You have always been my closest and dearest friend, and I will miss you a lot. I have good news for you, you did not kill anyone, someone else did. Please say goodbye to Melanie, Justine, and my family for me. Thank you Jenni. Sincerely yours, Dawn Sullivan. P.S.: You wont’ be having any more blackouts Jenni. Goodbye dawn, she thought. Goodbye.


[That’s it? Really? What a crap ending! We don’t know what happened to Dawn, or Justin. Did Gracie feel any kind of remorse whatsoever for killing all those people? And why did Dawn run away? Didn’t she have any idea how much worse she would make it for her family and for Jenni?]

As the end credits roll I imagine Journey’s Any Way You Want It blaring in your ears and the following appearing on your screen.

Martha and William died in the influenza outbreak of 1901. Their parents were very sad.

Justine had to take a lot of therapy. It’s still not helping.

Melanie became a lawyer, then a judge and got her own show on Fox.

The two old men who live in the house by the park delight in terrifying their grandchildren with the horrific tale of finding Chloe Sullivan’s mutilated corpse in the lake.

Jonathon was relieved of his position as head of the Evil Bodiless Spirit Guild when a couple of pot heads wandered into the dimension and he lost his temper and beat them with his mallet. Even though they’re spirits and it doesn’t hurt, the board found his behavior very unprofessional.

Dan never got over the loss of Debbie. In high school he found comfort in the arms of his young, attractive male shop teacher. Eventually they were found out and have since made their rounds on the talk show scene.

Phoebe is still committed in an insane asylum. She spends her days chanting to herself, “I killed Thalia! I killed Thalia! Thatlia’s dead! Thalia’s dead!”

Officer Adams was written up on arresting a minor without informing the parents. Eventually he was fired and now lives in his mother’s basement, watching his DVD boxed sets of Family Guy over and over and over and over and…

The real Sela and Nicholas hooked up at the cabin and eventually married. Initially they had trouble having children but though invitro had a set of nine-tuplets and are having their own reality TV-show debut this fall on TLC.

The Sullivan and Miller families cashed in on their daughters' tragic tales by selling the book and movie rights to the highest bidder. The movie was a huge success and made Creston--or is it Harrington--the most visited tourist attraction in Delaware--or is it California?

Dean Sullivan played himself in the movie, catapulting himself to stardom. He’s very excited to be playing Aro in New Moon.

After Jenni, Sela, and Nicholas returned without Dawn, Jenni was taken into custody and spent the next ten years in a mental hospital muttering “One bright day on a sunny night…” You know the one. In 2006 she was finally released into her parents custody. They still live in the house with Phoebe killed Thalia. And they still make her sleep in the room where the murder took place.

Justin got stuck in a wormhole on his way back to his own dimension where his soul was torn to itty bitty shreds.

Frank caught influenza during the 1901 outbreak. After his death Gracie--what else?--killed herself.

Lauren found her mind control powers to be very lucrative and became the emperor of Scotland in her dimension.

Dawn eventually found out that running away isn’t such a good idea when you’re a 14-year-old girl with no clue how the world works. She was forced into prostitution and had a bout with drug addiction. Eventually she decided to come home to her parents but was furious when she discovered they’d sold the book and movie rights to her story. She went to the publishers to tell them the TRUE tale but after hearing it they laughed in her face. Later that day she got a call from Weekly World News offering her a position as a journalist. She took the job.

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OH. MY. GOD. Melrose Place!!!!!

*rabid fangirl squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Melrose Place was my absolute favorite show growing up. My obsession even worse than the one with Sweet Valley High. So this afternoon while looking for information on the upcoming Vampire Diaries show, I stumbled across the new Melrose Place. The set looks awesome and the pilot kick-ass!!

"In an elegant Spanish-style apartment complex in the trendy Melrose neighborhood of Los Angeles, the lives and relationships of a diverse group of 20-somethings intertwine to form a close-knit surrogate family. Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton, the original "Melrose Place")"

Though I'm stoked Sydney's on it (she was one of my favorite characters) she was killed at the end of the fifth season by a car on her wedding day. I can't help but wonder if they're even going to attempt to explain this. Let alone how she wound up with Melrose Place...

"is the landlady, still beautiful at 40, and a central figure in the lives of all her tenants, especially handsome and rebellious David Breck (Shaun Sipos, "Shark"). Sydney started an affair with David despite her turbulent history with his estranged father, Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro, the original "Melrose Place"). Both father and son learned through experience that Sydney was not above using blackmail to control people."

Wait wait wait! Sydney's having an affair with Michael's SON? The only child of Michael's I know of was his and Taylor's kid, whom I believe was named Michael Jr., who would be only 12 by now. So where did this other kid come from? A college affair perhaps? And Michael should know this lesson better than anyone, considering she blackmailed him into marrying her...

"Another tenant, high-powered publicist Ella Simms (Katie Cassidy, "Supernatural"), once considered Sydney her mentor, but their friendship was destroyed by betrayal, and Sydney threatened to evict Ella and ruin her career. Sydney also played a pivotal role in the career of Auggie Kirkpatrick (Colin Egglesfield, "All My Children"). After they met at an AA meeting, she became a supportive friend to Auggie and encouraged his dream to become a chef. He’s now a successful sous chef at the trendy restaurant Coal, but his relationship with Sydney has gone sour since she began drinking again."

Sydney never had a drinking problem in the series, but I can see how her past might cause her to develop one... I suppose...

"The other tenants include Lauren Yung (Stephanie Jacobsen, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"), a medical student in desperate need of money to pay her student loans, and Jonah Miller (Michael Rady, "Swingtown"), an aspiring filmmaker who has just proposed to his live-in girlfriend Riley Richmond (Jessica Lucas, "Cloverfield"), a first-grade teacher. The newest tenant, wide-eyed 21-year-old Violet Foster (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, "7th Heaven"), has just arrived in LA and is horrified to find a bloody body floating in the courtyard pool."

Get used to it, Violet.

"David is the leading suspect but, as the police are soon to discover, almost everyone living at Melrose Place had a reason to want the deceased out of the way.

An updated version of the popular 1990s series, MELROSE PLACE is from CBS Television Studios with executive producers Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer ("Smallville"). Oscar-winner Davis Guggenheim ("An Inconvenient Truth") is the director and executive producer of the pilot."

It sounds pretty good. I can't wait. I'm sure there will be more continuity errors to come and I'd be surprised if Heather Loclear didn't show up at some point, despite having faked her death and moved to a deserted island. (As romantic as that sounds it has to get old at some point.) With Michael and Sydney in tow, I'll be sure to watch it. ^_^

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Deathy's Reading List

I am going through a bunch of my old writing stuff I found and in it was a folder appropriately titled "Shit Folder" containing a bunch of crap from around seventh and eight grade. In it I found this. For three years, 1997-2000 I kept a log of every book I read for the first time. I had no life...

9/17/97 Heaven - V.C. Andrews
9/28/97 Seeds of Yesterday - V.C. Andrews
10/2/97 Carrie - Stephan King
10/2/97 SVH #64: The Ghost of Tricia Martin - Francine Pascal
10/4/97 SVH #82: Kidnapped by the Cult - Francine Pascal
10/10/97 SVK #1: Surprise! Surprise! - Francine Pascal
10/10/97 SVK #65: Steven's Big Crush - Francine Pascal
10/14/97 SVK #6: Lila's Secret - France Pascal
10/14/97 SVK #40: Robin in the Middle - Francine Pascal
10/14/97 SVK #54: Star of the Parade - Francine Pascal
10/14/97 SVK #59: Jessica + Jessica = Trouble - Francine Pascal
10/14/97 SVK #58: Lila's Birthday Bash - Francine Pascal
10/23/97 SVK #45: Elizabeth's Piano Lessons - Francine Pascal
10/24/97 SVK #47: Elizabeth the Tattletale - Francine Pascal
10/26/97 SVH #67: The Parent Plot - Francine Pascal
10/29/97 SVH #92: She's Not What She Seems - Francine Pascal
10/30/97 IT - Stephen King
11/6/97 SVH #81: Rosa's Lie - Francine Pascal
11/7/97 SVH #21: Runaway - Francine Pascal
11/10/97 Web of Dreams - V.C. Andrews
11/15/97 SVK #51: Lois and the Sleepover - Francine Pascal
11/16/97 SVK #69: Class Picture Day - Francine Pascal
11/17/97 Melody - V.C. Andrews
11/17/97 SVK #70: Goodbye, Mrs. Otis - Francine Pascal
11/18/97 Dark Angel - V. C. Andrews
11/21/97 SVT #111: Sisters At War - Francine Pascal
11/22/97 SVH #8 Heartbreaker - Francine Pascal
11/25/97 SVK #72: The Macaroni Mess - Francine Pascal
11/25/97 SVH Super Star: Enid's Story - Francine Pascal
11/27/97 Dawn - V.C. Andrews
11/30/97 SVH #135: Lila's New Flame - Francine Pascal
11/30/97 SVH #136: Too Hot to Handle - Francine Pascal
12/1/97 Ruby - V.C. Andrews
12/1/97 SVK #63: Lila's Christmas Angel - Francine Pascal
12/1/97 Camp Sunnyside: Christmas Break - Marilyn Kaye
12/2/97 Secrets of the Morning - V.C. Andrews
12/3/97 Twilight's Child - V.C. Andrews
12/4/97 Midnight Whispers - V.C. Andrews
12/8/97 Darkest Hour - V.C. Andrews
12/8/97 SVK #71: Jessica's Secret Friend - Francine Pascal
12/10/97 SVH #124: Meet Me At Midnight
12/10/97 Tarnished Gold - V.C. Andrews
12/11/97 The War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells
12/11/97 SVH #125: Camp Killer - Francine Pascal
12/14/97 Camp Sunnyside: The Problem with Parents - Marilyn Kaye
12/15/97 Fear Hall: The Beginning - R.L. Stine
12/16/97 SVK #36: Elizabeth's Video Fever - Francine Pascal
12/16/97 The Halloween War - Francine Pascal ???
12/17/97 SVH #42: Caught in the Middle - Francine Pascal
12/21/97 SVH #38: Leaving Home - Francine Pascal
12/21/97 SVH #17: Love Letters - Francine Pascal
12/22/97 SVH #90: Don't Go Home with John - Francine Pascal
12/27/97 Poltergeist II: The Other Side - James Kahn
12/28/97 Fallen Hearts - V.C. Andrews
12/30/97 SVK #73: The Witch in the Pumpkin Patch - Francine Pascal
12/30/97 SVH #72: Rock Star's Girl - Francine Pascal
12/30/97 SVH #82: Kidnapped! - Francine Pascal
12/31/97 SVH #137: Fight Fire with Fire - Francine Pascal
12/31/97 SVH #131: Fashion Victim - Francine Pascal
12/31/97 SVH #94: Are We in Love? - Francine Pascal
1/1/98 SVH #28: Alone in the Crowd - Francine Pascal
1/2/98 SVH Super Thriller: Murder in Paradise - Francine Pascal
1/3/98 SVK #67: The Secret of Fantasy Forest - Francine Pascal
1/4/98 SVH #30: Jealous Lies - Francine Pascal
1/8/98 Gates of Paradise - V.C. Andrews
1/9/98 Dune - Frank Herbert
1/10/98 SVH #37: Rumors - Francine Pascal
1/11/98 SVH #60: That Fatal Night - Francine Pascal
1/11/98 SVH #43: Hard Choices - Francine Pascal
1/15/98 Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert
1/16/98 SVH Super Thriller: "R" is for Revenge - Francine Pascal
1/16/98 Twins - Caroline B. Cooney
1/17/98 SVH Super Edition: Mystery Date - Francine Pascal
1/17/98 SVH Magna Edition: Elizabeth's Secret Diary Volume III - Francine Pascal
1/18/98 Tales of Terror - Christopher Pike
1/18/98 SVH #84: The Stolen Diary - Francine Pascal
1/19/98 SVH #22: Too Much in Love - Francine Pascal
1/19/98 SVH #77: Cheating to Win - Francine Pascal
1/20/98 SVH #65: Touble At Home - Francine Pascal
1/20/98 SVH #14: Deceptions - Francine Pascal
1/21/98 The Vampire's Promise - Caroline B. Cooney
1/22/98 The Stranger - Caroline B. Cooney
1/23/98 The Tachyon Web - Christopher Pike
1/24/98 No Greater Love - Danielle Steel
1/25/98 SVH #25: Nowhere to Run - Francine Pascal
1/27/09 SVH #61: Boy Trouble - Francine Pascal
1/28/09 SVH #52: White Lies - Francine Pascal
1/28/09 The Star Group - Christopher Pike
1/29/98 Final Friends #1: The Party - Christopher Pike
2/1/98 Final Friends #2: The Dance - Christopher Pike
2/3/98 The Case of the Missing Princess - Francine Pascal ???
2/5/98 SVH #138: What Jessica Wants.... - Francine Pascal
2/9/98 The Last Vampire 6: Creatures of Forever - Christopher Pike
2/10/98 SVH #93: Stepsisters - Francine Pascal
2/12/98 SVH #73: Regina's Legacy - Francine Pascal
2/14/98 SVH #55: Perfect Shot - Francine Pascal
2/14/98 SVH Super Thriller: On the Run - Francine Pascal
2/14/98 SVH #49: Playing for Keeps - Francine Pascal
2/25/98 SVH #63: The New Elizabeth - Francine Pascal
3/3/98 SVH #139: Elizabeth is Mine - Francine Pascal
3/3/98 SVH #53: Second Chance - Francine Pascal
3/4/98 SVH #70Ms. Quarterback - Francine Pascal
3/4/98 SVH #54: Two-Boy Weekend - Francine Pascal
3/5/98 SVK #55: The Jessica and Elizabeth Show - Francine Pascal
3/9/98 Lost Boys - Orson Scott Card
3/12/98 SVK #66: And the Winner is...Jessica Wakefield - Francine Pascal
3/14/98 Final Friends #3: The Graduation - Christopher Pike
3/15/98 The Blackstone Chronicles Part 1 - An Eye for an Eye: The Doll - John Saul
3/19/98 Daughters of Darkness - L.J. Smith
3/27/98 SVH Magna Edition: Jessica's Secret Diary Volume III - Francine Pascal
3/28/98 SVK #50: The Amazing Jessica - Francine Pascal
3/28/98 SVK #16: Jessica the TV Star - Francine Pascal
3/28/98 SVK Super Special #3: Save the Turkey - Francine Pascal
3/29/98 SVK Super special #2: The Easter Bunny Battle - Francine Pascal
3/30/98 The Blackstone Chronicles Part 2 - Twist of Fate: The Locket - John Saul
3/30/98 SVK Hair Raiser #1: A Curse on Elizabeth - Francine Pascal
3/30/98 SVK #56: Jessica Plays Cupid - Francine Pascal
3/31/98 Second Child - John Saul
4/2/98 SVK #53: The Magic Puppets - Francine Pascal
4/2/98 SVK #30: Jessica' Unburied Treasure - Francine Pascal
4/7/98 The Homing - John Saul
4/10/98 Punish the Sinners - John Saul
4/11/98 SVK #49: Jessica's Mermaid - Francine Pascal
4/16/98 The Outsiders - S.E. Hinton
4/17/98 Darkness - John Saul
4/18/98 Shadows - John Saul
4/21/98 Pearl in the Mist - V.C. Andrews
4/21/98 The Unwanted - John Sault
4/21/98 SVT #88: Steven Gets Even - Francine Pascal
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Damn I read a lot of Sweet Valley!!!!

Terrible Tales of Horror: The Enemy Within, Part 9

Is it almost over???

Chapter 28: Welcome to Hell

Dawn was sitting with Jenni in the living room at Jenni’s house.

“Things have gotten really out of hand,” Jenni said. [And how many people are dead now?] “Do you think Gracie killed them Dawn?”

“Not Chloe. Gracie couldn’t have killed Chloe. There’s no way possible. I was talking to her while Chloe was being murdered.” [She’s pretty nonchalant about the whole thing considering her sister JUST died a few days ago.]

“Yeah. But what bout the other four.” [Don’t you mean five? Poor Savannah. Nobody remembers her.]

“I don’t know Jen. I wish I did know. But I don’t.”

“Hey Dawn,” Jenni said after a few moments of silence.”


“I was wondering, do you think you could come with me to my parents cabin up north. My parents said I could go there because of all the murders lately. But I really don’t feel like going alone.” [Yes. Go to a secluded cabin in the woods with a girl who’s body is being inhabited by your mother in another life who’s on a psychotic rampage to kill innocent people. Sounds like fun!]

“I’d like to, but Sela’s at my house, and my parents wouldn’t let me go if I didn’t bring her with me.”

“Sure, she could come. You know what they say, the more the merrier.”

“It’ll be a blast.” [How can she possibly think it will be any fun? Seriously.]

It’ll be a blast. It was just a simple everyday phrase. Dawn knew that. Jenni knew that. AS did Gracie and Lauren.

But that one phrase, “It’ll be a blast.” Dawn had though that this was gonna be fun! But she had no way of knowing of the hell that lay before her.

Chapter 29: Justin’s back. . . And looking for Lauren

That night Dawn was having another dream. [Oh God no!!! No more!!! No more!!!] Or rather, another nightmare.

Dawn was in the cemetery.

At Chloe’s grave.

There was howling sound coming from the grave.

Chloe, Dawn thought.

She quickly started to dig up Chloe’s grave. My sister’s alive, she thought. Chloe didn’t really die. That was all just a dream. When I wake up, Chloe will be there.

Whe was about to give up, when she saw the casket. It was black. [That was some pretty quick digging.]

As black as night.

Dawn unlatched the casket and opet it up. [Always a good idea.]

And there lay Jenni. What as a ghost.

She heard someone coming up behind her.

“Debbie!” she said to the image of her deceased friend.

“One bright day on a sunny night two dead boys stood up to fight back to back. They face each other, pulled out their swords, and shot each other. The deaf police man heard the noise, ran right over, and shot the dead boys. If you don’t believe my lie is true, than ask the blind man, he saw it too.” [That makes three.]

Then Debbie’s image disappeared. And replaced with her mother’s. [Gracie...or Mrs. Sullivan?]


Her mother pushed her into the grave before she could finish her sentence. [Oh. Gracie.]

And then Dawn wok up.


* * * * *

“Are we almost there yet,” Dawn asked the driver of the car. [Is Jenni rich? Why does she have her own driver?]

“Yes Miss Sullivan. We’re almost there.

“Can you hurry it up a little,” Sela said. “My tan is fading.” [Lauren needs to die for using that joke.]

Dawn and Jenni laughed at her remark.

Dawn was in a good mood until she saw a cemetery. Then a frightening image of her dream floated into her head. She shook it away. Dawn didn’t want to think about that. It frightened her. Very much so.

When they finally got there, they went inside and had hot chocolate.

“So what have you been up to lately, Sela,” Jenni asked Sela casually. [Oh nothing, just tormenting the other person living inside you.]

“Nothing much. I’ve jusbe been going places. Doing things. Just normal boring everyday things.”

* * * * *

For me anyway, Lauren thought. This is perfect. I’ve got everybody fooled. They have no idea that I’m Sela. Well, Gracie does. [How would she know that? The last contact you had with her was hinting that her daughter was in this world.] But that’s it. I need to talk to her. Badley. She really needs to know who Dawn is. [Has Lauren had a change of heart? Maybe she couldn’t live with the guilt if Gracie unknowingly killed her own daughter?]

“We’re here,” Lauren heard the driver call from the front.

Dawn, Jenni, and Lauren stepped out of the cab. The driver got their things out of the trunk and threw it at their feet. “Enjoy,” he said. And with that, he left down the winding road. [Nice guy.]

“We’ll we’re here,” Dawn said. “We might as well get settled.”

“I agree with you completely,” Jenni said.

“Yeah, me to.” Lauren said. I hate this, she thought. I hate having to act like a perky little bitch who can’t pull he own weight, so she gets everyone else to do everything for her. I hate being Sela Sullivan. [Um, okay. She doesn’t seem to be acting particularly perky.]

After this, the body goes.

* * * * *

Later that night, Dawn, Jenni, and Sela were sitting by the fire place. I’m really having fun, Dawn thought. I just hope I can keep having a good time.

Then that poem popped into her head.

That damned poem. It just wouldn’t leave her alone. That Poem. One bright day, on a sunny night, two dead boys stood up to fight back to back. They faced each other, pulled out their swords, and shot each other. The deaf police man heard the noise, ran right over, and shot the dead boys. If you don’t believe my lie is true, then ask the blind man, he saw it too. [Four!]

“Do you believe that there are more than one dimension in this universe?” Sela asked suddenly.

That was an odd thing to say, Dawn thought. How would she know anything about that?

“Well, do you?” Sela said. She was getting impatient.

“Why do you want to know Sela?” Jenni asked.

“Because I’m curious. That’s why.”

“Why are you so curious then?” There was a slight change in Jennie’s voice, so that meant only one thing.


She was back. [Oh goody.]

Jus then there was a knock at the door.

It slammed open.

A drop dead georgeous guy with black hair, and brown eyes. [It’s Justin!]

Dawn looked over at Sela. She looked like she was in shock. Did she know this very handsome young stranger? Probably. The look on her face was so much more than being mesmerized by his gorgeous looks.

Gracie opened her mouth as if she was about to say something. But then closed it.

Then Sela jumped up. “I need to talk to you,” she paused at the door waiting for him to follow her. “Out there.” She pointed outside.

Then Sela left. And the stranger followed her.

* * * * *

“Justin, what are you doing her?” [Called it!]

“Well Lauren, I’ve never seen you look so good. And how did you know it was me baby?” He pulled her close to him. [Isn’t he a prince. Weird thought, but the question’s begging to be asked. How many different bodies do you think they’ve had sex with each other in?]

“I know you’re style,” she pulled away from him. “And you haven’t answered my question yet. What are you doing here?”

“I tracked you down Lauren. What’s your name now? You know. Just so I know what to call you?”

“It’s Sela. Sela Sullivan.”

“Nice.” He paused. “Who were those two broads with you?”

“They’re Gracie and her daughter Julie.”

“Gracie has a daughter?”

“Yep.” She paused. “But you have to act like you don’t know. Because Gracie only knows that I’m Sela, Julie only knows that Gracie is Jenni, and I know that Gracie’s Jenni, Julie’s Dawn, and I’m me.” [Glad we have that cleared up.]


“Yeah. Just act like you’re my boyfriend from Oregon.” [Seriously, what was it with me and Oregon? Personally, I think I just played way too much Oregon Trail.]


Chapter 30: A dream


That night Dawn had yet another dream. Though this one was not like the others it had that familiar sence of awaiting hell.

“Dawn. . . . . Dawn. . . . .”

“Chloe? Chloe? Is that you?”

Then the wind really started to pick up. It was blowing in the direction Dawn was coming from. It started to push her back, like it didn’t want her there. But she had to go there. It was calling her. It knew her. It had always known her. Since the day she was born on that cold morning on January 2, 1745. [WTF?]

When she died for the first time it took here there. It wanted her there. Her spirit. Her life force. Even though she was long dead her life force was strong.

She remembered that when she first died she went to a place. A place that sort of reminded her of hell. She didn’t stay there long. Only for a few minutes at the most. Then she came back to this earth in a body that was not hers.

Then, to her surprise, Dawn was in a room. A room with one dim light. The light seemed to have come out of no where. For it was just there, with no end, and no beginning. [Seems I was getting a smidgent philosophical.]

Suddenly, a door appeared, with someone knocking on it. Knocking harder and harder.

“Who’s there,” she yelled.

“You know Julie, you have always known.”

And it was true. She did. And she always had.

Chapter 31: My Julie

That night Sela--better known as Lauren--and Jenni--also known as Gracie--were sitting by the fire.

“Gracie, there’s something that I think you should known.”

“What Lauren?” [When the hell did Gracie figure out Sela was Lauren? And why are they sitting together by the fire without one trying to shove the other in it? That would make this story a hell of a lot more interesting.]

“It’s about Dawn.”

“What about Dawn?”

“Dawn’s. . . . .”

“Dawn’s what?”

“Dawn’s Julie.”

“Julie?” she gasped in surprise. “My Julie. My daughter.”

“Yeah,” Lauren said plainly. [Really, what brought on this change of heart? I thought she was going to torment Gracie some more.]

“Oh my god,” Gracie began to get up. But Lauren grabbed her wrist.

“No.” She made Gracie sit back down. “You can’t let her known.”

“Why not Lauren? I already lost her once because of you. I simply refuse to lose her again.” [And what makes you think she wants anything to do with you? You killed all her friends, for God‘s sake!]

“But you can’t let her know, it would be too much for the poor girl to absorb.” [Seriously, was Lauren abducted by aliens and replaced with a pod person?]

“What do you mean?”

“I mean. . . . . . [She has no idea…] think about it, if you were her, do you think that you’d be able to deal with this. I’m not even sure she knows what she is.”

“Do you think she knows she’s an alien?” [They're all aliens!!]

“I’d say it’s possible. But I wouldn’t bet on it.”

[I wrote this over the course of four months, from December 1996 to April 1997. At this precise point I stopped writing it for two months after having slaved over it constantly. I came back to finish it without reading over previous chapters, different handwriting, more of a flair for the dramatic, and--thank you merciful God--I finally starting writing in pen and now I don’t have to deal with trying to make out smeared pencil from twelve years ago! I wrote the rest of this in one day when I stayed home “sick” from school.]

“Are you sure?”

“Damn sure.”

“My baby, my Julie.” Then Gracie collapsed into Lauren’s arms, crying.