Sunday, September 11, 2011

50 Days and Counting

Unfortunately I haven't been online much lately, but here's a bit of an update of what's been going on. This year has dealt me many problems, both healthwise and financial, but I'm getting back on my feet and I'm getting married!

The Super Awesome Most Romantic Moment of My Life

In February I found out I was pretty sick and I had to have a couple surgeries. After the first surgery we found out what was wrong and told my boyfriend. It wasn't life-threatening, but it was pretty serious and needed to be addressed right away. I had left work to go to the doctor and he begged me not to go back to work, but I had to talk to my boss, so he asked me not to go to school that night, that he just needed to be with me.

So after I left work I went to my car to find a note taped to my door. It was from James asking me to meet him at this gazebo near our apartment, that he wanted to cheer me up. So I went to meet him. It was sunset by the time I got there and I was freezing and he gave me his jacket and hat to wear and I looked ridiculous. He had a little bag of goodies prepared. A little vase with a single rose, a little bottle of wine with two cups, and Boyz to Men playing on his iPod (such a child of the 90's ^_-).

First he poured the wine and we made a toast. He said the sunset represented the disease and that it was going to go down, but when the sun came back up he would still be there. Then he gave me a box. I opened it and inside laid a little note that read "even though this box is empty it's filled to the heavens with my love for you. Close your eyes and count to 10 and wish for something great." I did as the note commanded, all the while a smile was playing on my lips. I thought he was going to propose but I didn't want to get my hopes up and be disappointed.

When I opened my eyes he was down on one knee before me holding a beautiful diamond ring. He told me that he never realized how much he loved me until he thought about losing me and that he didn't want to waste anymore time. He made some sacrifices and got me the most beautiful ring he could. And he asked me to be his wife.

Needless to say I said yes. ^_^ And we are getting married in 50 days.

The Fake Wedding, in which we really get married

We are getting married on Halloween (because I've always wanted to get married on Halloween, and that's the first time he said he loved me, two whole years ago). We are dressing up in Steampunk outfits and meeting with our close friends and family to have a simple ceremony in a park. Details are still being figured out, since we still need to find a JOP to do the job. Oh, and I'm pretty much making my outfit myself, which I've never done before. It'

The Real Wedding, in which we will already be married

Next year, some time between October and January, we want to have the real wedding. The one with the pretty dress, where I walk down the aisle, and we have a big party with everyone we want to celebrate with us. I'm cheap, so I'm trying to DIY as much as I can, including center pieces and bouquets and all that fun stuff. Little progress with that as of yet, but it will have an elegant gothic flair. I'm trying to talk James into tophats and waistcoats. ^_^ My colors are going to be black, white and red. ^_^ We're also waiting for the real wedding to do the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the gifts, and the shower.

I'm really looking forward to being married. James is a wonderful man and in him I feel I've finally met someone I love who will truly love me for the rest of my life. ^_^

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Models of YA Fiction

I go through phases and I had way too much fun doing the other vlog thingy so I made another one! So I might churn out a bunch of these babies and then disappear for another year. Let's just go with it until I get bored. :p

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential Review

I decided to do something different. Since I never get around to reviewing all the books I read like I wanted to my fiance suggested I try my hand at "vlogging." So here we go. Please be kind. Rewind. :p

Friday, January 28, 2011

Damon is My Soulmate

I have an unhealthy love for Vampire Diaries. Particularly Damon Salvatore. He is the sexiest vampire ever! Lestat, Eric, Louis, Armand, Seymour be damned (Edward does not count), Damon is the sexiest! Don't argue with me. I won't listen! And tonight we got a peak into his bedroom. He has Gone with the Wind on his nightstand. *swoon* Oh, Damon, if only you were real. :p

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Closet

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Making fun of my stories has kind of lost it's fun. :p I'm not sure what I'll use this blog for, maybe my non-SV book reviews. My websites were deleted in December for those of you who follow them and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get them back up ($) but Amanda and I have decided to continue The Closet as a blog.