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The Enemy Within, Part 6

So Dawn met her crazy murdering friend in the middle of the night and guess what? Someone died. Yeah, her sister. She goes to the funeral and attempts to find a deep meaning akin to the recent tragedy in her live in the words of a bad poem from a 90's MTV cartoon. He friend Debbie's also murdered and she's taken in for custody. Will the cop let her go? Is Gracie really the killer? And why is Jenni still herself while Gracie's inhabiting her body when Que Ellen wasn't at all?

Chapter 21: Lauren’s Triumph

I can’t believe how beautifully my play worked, Lauren thought. Now little Julie is behind bars. [Now how on earth can she know that Dawn’s Julie?] And her own mother framed her. Gracie is gonna love this. [Somehow I doubt that.] But first I have to find her. Now where the hell do the Millers live.

Lauren walked around for a while until she found a phone booth. Now let’s see, Miller. Miletello, Milcs, Milaci, Millar, uh-huh. Miller. Only one? Gee, I thought that name was more used that than. Let’s see, the number’s 707-4764 [Which must’ve been someone’s actual number backwards, because the 467 beginning was extremely common around here when I was a kid.] She dialed the number. It wrang six times.


“Hi Jenni.”

“Who is this?”

“An old friend of the murderers. Let me talk to Gracie.”

“Hello Lauren. What the hell do you want?”

“I just wanted to let you know a little something about a little girl.”

“that’s nice Lauren. But really, I have stuff to do. [Stuff as in kill more innocent people because you‘re a bitter old hag?] So if you don’t mind--” Lauren cut her off.

“A little something about a little girl by the name of Julie Marie Deck.”

“Lauren, what about Julie?”

“Bye Gracie.”

“But Lauren!”

Lauren hung up. This is so fun. Well time to go leave sighns around Gracie about Julie. One day she’ll thank me. I know she will. She has to. There’s no way she can’t.

* * * * *

Dawn slouched low in her seat at the County Jail. What are they going to do to me? She thought. A police detective who went by the name of Adams was investigating her case. Dawn had to admit to herself that she was developing a crush on him. [Well, I think it’s safe to say she’s over Dan now.]

“Now Ms. Sullivan.”

“Dawn please.”

“Okay Dawn. Do you understand that Watkins screwed up the order that you were just supposed to be brought in for questioning. Not to be arrested.” [What? That‘s such a dues ex machina!]


“That’s good. Now where exactly were you when Chloe Sullivan--your sister [Because she needs to be reminded]--was murdered?”

“I’m not a suspect, am I?”

“No. Just answer the question.”

“I was about a quarter mile down the lake talking to my best friend Jenni.”

“What’s the girls full name?”

“Jennifer Miller.” she paused waiting for him to ask her another question.

“Can she verify this fact?”

“I’m not sure.” [Yes Dawn, tell him all about the other person living inside her and her how she conveniently has blackouts when people die. Why don’t you tell him she was drunk or something. That‘s way more believable.]

“What do you mean you’re not sure?”

“It’s just things.”

“What kinds of things.”

“She has blackouts.”


“Yeah, and I’m pretty sure she had one that night.” [Isn’t that a convenient alibi.]


“Am I a suspect?” [You are now.]

“Well, you were the last one to see her alive.”

“But you just said that I wasn’t.”

“And you just asked.” [What does that mean?]

“But why would I kill her? She was my sister. I loved her. And Debbie was my friend.”

“I never said you were a suspect Dawn. If your friend Ms. Miller can verify this fact, no. But if not, yes. You may leave now. Have a good day.” [Don’t offer to give her a ride home. Or call her mom.]

She got up to leave. How can I have a good time when I’m a suspect in my friends and my very own sisters murder. I can never have a good day again. I have to find Gracie. Then I’ll see what’s really going on. And she’ll see who I really am. [Does this mean Dawn's known the entire time??]

Chapter 22: 1899

Julie Deck slipped passed the watchful eye of her babysitter with flying colors as she made herself outside to find her mother.

Julie found them a little while later in the gardens. They were talking. Talking about some sort of gateway. She watched them talk and argue for a little while longer. Then they were gone. Julie couldn’t see them anymore, for they had gone through the gateway. This strang swirling gateway. It wasn’t like any other kind of gateway that she had ever seen. It was far different. It didn’t open and close, it was just swirling around in endless circles. [Finally, something resembling a description!]

Where did Mommy and Aunt Lauren go, Julie thought. I want my mommy back. The gateway took her. But it’s not going to keep her. I’ll fight it if I have to. Then Julie kicked at it. [It’s almost cute.] But instead of getting her mother back, she went through it. Into the dimension of eternal hell and damnation. . . . .

* * * * *

She woke up with a thump, for the gateway had chewed her up for several minutes then spit her out into a land that was unlike her own.

For two years Julie wandered around aimlessly. It was by far a miracle that she had survived. But when she was four, a couple who were in their late twenties found her an took care of her. For they had no children of their own, they were more than happy to give her a home. She called them her parents and had completely forgotten what happened those first four years of her life by the time she was twenty-six, when she got married to Jimmy Snyder. Her “parents” never knew her real name so they called her Roberta. Bobbi for short.

Bobbi and Jimmy didn’t have any kids.

For the remainder of her natural life she had a good time. After Jimmy died, she was so upset, that she killed herself. [She’s a lot like her mother, don’t you think?]

After that, she wandered around for a while, and started to remember who she was and as the centuries wore on, she started to enter peoples bodies, like her mother, and her mother’s best friend.

Then, in 1981, she entered the body of Joan Sullivan, who was pregnant with twins. A boy and a girl. And when Joan had the twins, Little Julie was born into one of the bodies.

Chapter 23: Julie

What the hell did Lauren mean, Gracie thought. Dawn isn’t’ who I think. It doesn’t make any sense. So for a while I thought she was Luaren. But if that is Lauren on the phone, and Dawn is being questioned at the police department. . . . .

Who on earth could Dawn possibly be. Jenni’s brother was out. Her parents at work. So Gracie had the old, Victorian mansion all to herself. And as she sat on the bed, thinking, she didn’t hear someone creeping up behind her. Ever so slowly someone made her way to Gracie.

Who the hell could Dawn be? she kept asking herself that question over and over, but she just couldn’t come up with a decent answer that made any sense to her. Then a reaspy voice spoke up behind her.


Gracie turned around. It was Sela [Like Say-lah] Sullivan. Dawn’s cousin. “What are you doing here Sela?” Gracie asked.

“I can’t believe you. You’ve known me all these years and you still don’t recognize me. Well I recognize you.” She paused and took a deep breath. “You’ve always been slow at these things. Haven’t you Gracie? Remember in Italy. In the year 1945 [I thought she was going to plant clues… I love the continuity in this thing.]

“Lauren,” Gracie gasped. “It’s you.” [Duh.]


“What are you doing here? What are you doing in Sela’s body?”

“I’m here on buiseness. And it was available.” She took a seat at Jenni’s desk. “But let’s get down to buisiness.”

“What kind of buisiness?”

“I’m here to bring you news Gracie.”

“What kind of news Lauren?”

“News about your daughter.”

“What about Julie?”

Lauren said nothing. [These two are really getting on my nerves.]

Gracie was getting pissed off at her now. She stood up and walked up to Lauren. “Lauren, what do you mean? what about Julie? What does my daughter have to do with this?” She grabbed Lauren by the shoulders. “Tell me,” Gracie screamed in her face.

“Fine.” She shoved gracie off of her. “Have you ever wondered whatever happened to your precious Julie!”

“Yes! Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” [Because you're a horrible mother who went travelng into a different dimension and partied for three days in the 1800's without even sparing a thought to her?]

“Would you believe me if I said that she saw us cross over? Would you believe me if I told you that she crossed over too!” And just like that, she was gone. Like petals in the wind. [Honestly, I didn’t even know who V.C. Andrews was yet.] And there was little Gracie Ann Deck. All alone. With no one. No one to talk to her. To be with her. She was all alone. There was nothing let of her. Nothing left at all. She thought about what Lauren had said. “What would you say if I told you that she saw us cross over. What if I told you that she crossed over too.” Lauren’s voice echoed in her mind.

My Julie, Gracie thought. My little Julie is here in this horrible world. But where is she? Who is she?

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