Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unearthed from the Rubble...

While searching through my Allistar drawer for my ill-fated outline (third one I've lost...) I unearthed a sheet of paper that from my handwriting looks like it came from seventh grade detailing all the stories I had "written" up to that point and when I wrote them. It amuses me.

Dear Sister - August 1995
Main Characters - Andy Drexil, Izzy Hazel, Melanie Drexil, Charlotte Hazel
Plot - Izzy and Andy sceme to murder Melanie and Charlotte.

Yeah, we've been over this one.

Dear Sister 2: The Stepsister - October 1995
Main Characters - Andy Drexil, Rosin Lee Detwiler, Violet Zwick
Plot - Andy plots to kill Rosin Lee.

Oooh, it has a subtitle.

Roxie's Birthrite - January 1996
Main Characters - Roxie Mason, Steve Ronald

This one doesn't even get a plot. I don't remember this one at all but I'm thinking it might be what ended up as The Epilogue that Never Was. Roxanne, Roxie. Evil birthright. (Since I wrote it it had to be evil). It fits.

Dear Sister 3: Vengeful Sister - March 1996
Main Characters: Alison Drexil, Rosin Lee Detwiler, Izzy Hazel
Plot - Alison plots to kill Rosin Lee.

Wrote this one a little later than I thought...

Love Can Be Murder - May 1996
Main Characters - Carolyn Pearce, Lesley Pearce, James Mathews, MIchael Pearce, Devoney Hall.
Plot - Carolyn falls in love with James while his jelouse girlfriend Devoney plots revenge for her.

I remember this one! It was actually a sidestory of Any Way the Wind Blows about Kella's parent's generation in which I changed the names. I didn't know I actually wrote any of this one down. It's gone now, though.

Jimmy Dearest - June 1996
Main Characters - Jimmy, Sarah
Plot - Sarah goes nuts because of her "dead" sister Julie.

Yeah, we remember this one...

Hell at Berkeley Manor - July 1996
Main Characters - Laura Marlo, Mr. Berkely, Nicole Berkeley, Ross Berkeley
Plot - Laura gets the job of a lifetime along with a shock of a lifetime.

Oh, it's got Hell in front of it now. Sounds much more frightening. And Ross? So it was Matthew, then Ross, then Adam. For a characters who's so near and dear to my heart I sure changed his name a lot.

Sister of the Darkside - September 1996
Rebecca Rodriguez, Roberta Rodrigues, Regina Rodrigues
Plot - Regina plots revenge for her sisters.

This one does ring a bell. All I remember is it was pretty sexually explicit and Roberta was boinking Dan from Hellbound. I destroyed it in fear that my mother would get her hands on it. ^_^

The Enemy Within - December 1996
Main Characters - Gracie Deck, Lauren Sanders, Dawn Sullivan, Julie Deck
Plot - two girls come

And that's where I left off. I love how I listed both Dawn and Julie but left Jenni out of the picture.

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