Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deathy's New Years Resolutions [Intro to Allistar]

In short, the last few months of my life have SUCKED! So, in an effort to keep myself distracted and avoid thinking about a certain asshole who shall not be named, I have made a goal for myself:
In this year, 2009, I, Deathycat, will not only finish Allistar Academy #1 A Morbid Curiousity, but I will have it edited, finalized, and submitted to no less than ten publishers.

Allistar Academy is my seven novel magnum opus I started in July 2005. (Don't worry. My writing's improved a smidgent since I was eleven.) It started as a short story about two boys who find a weird drug and have hallucinations. I wrote the first page and knew it would be much much more than that. It grew into a book, and then two books, and in the end I decided seven books would be needed to tell the tale.

I used to attempt to write my stories from beginning to end, but then I would get stuck on a certain part and loose the will to go on with it, hence why all of my stories are unfinished [Except for The Enemy Within, and Dear Sister, of course]. With Allistar I took a different route. I wrote every scene that popped into my head, from every book, completely out of order. And when I'm not doing that I bridge together the "fun" parts from beginning to end. This is a writing technique that has kept me working on this story far longer than any other in my past. But for the last year I've been stuck on Chapter 8 of the first book for almost a year. Nothing I do with it seems to be right. Well, no more! I am going to finish this stupid book if it's the last thing I do!

My friend Amanda, (the girl that helped me write Dear Sister, keep in mind), has a finished novel that's she's in the midst of editing and getting ready for submission. So what we did is make a schedule for this entire year, week by week, with a certain goal in mind each week. We write down our goal week by week in a notebook and reward ourselves with stickers! Yay! I love stickers! (I had lots of sticker books. Did you?) And we have to check in with the other to report our goal-reaching, and receive appropriate scolding or congratulations. It's great motivation. And she suggested I tell as many people as possible about my goal so they can occasionally remind me of it and I'll feel guilty, so I'm announcing it here! Our weeks span Mondays-Sundays so I'll report each Monday to let all of my fans out there know if I succeeded or not. (Let me pretend.) I accomplished the first week's goals, and am well on my way to accomplishing my goal for week 2, but I'll report more on that on Monday.

So what is Allistar Academy all about, you're wondering. Well, my little "back cover blurb" goes like this:

Von Crowley came to attend the boarding school his father had before him. His father who was brilliant. A genius. And missing.

Befriended by a deceptively cheerful classmate he is invited to play Hide and Seek with the boy and his "girlfriend" in a dilapidated old school house on campus. The haunting old building that's scheduled to be torn down. The one that feels alive with the secrets of the past.

Then one day he heard the voices. The ones unlike those belonging to his friends. And he found them. And the little glass bottle that read "Drink me..."

And here's the litle banner I made. *sniffle* I miss photoshop.

There you have it. Going off to go work on the story a little more before bed. Ta.


Anonymous said...

i wish i could tell you my story, but you probably wont like it.

Deathycat said...

Who is this?

Anonymous said...

the same person that showed you a viennetta ^____^

Deathycat said...

Why wouldn't I like your story? ^_^