Friday, January 2, 2009

The Tie That Binds, Part Two

Okay, so I said The Dollhouse Murders. I know. I found the book and brought it to my house. I was hardly ever there and never got around to reading it so I brought it to my mother's. My mother swears she saw it somewhere but can't remember where. Fred (father-type-person) said he put it in his box with the shirts I got him for Christmas so crazy cat Splinter wouldn't mess it up. Then took the box to work to show to his friends (I gave him ones that have funny sayings on them) and left said box at work. So I'm screwed right now. And I compensate with more of the titillating tale of the Fostor sisters. Lousy trade, I know. But anyway. . .

Last time Fiona and Velvet left their hated little sister in town and had a picnic. And Paige has just come home and seen. Oooh, I wonder what's going to happen next!

The Tie That Binds, Part Two

“Fiona, I thought you said Paige wasn’t coming on the picknick,” said Jonathan. Velvet was the next to notice Paige staring at them in fury wearing her powder pink laced dress.

“Fiona,“ said Velvet, “Paige is here.”

“What is she doing here, I thought we left her in town,” demanded Fiona. [Like she wouldn‘t come home eventually.]

“I do not know,” said Velvet.

Then Paige came running toward them, screaming “Why did you leave me in town?”, she demanded over and over again. She was really angry. [No shit. I would be, too.] When she got up to them, her face was red. “I know what you two are up to. Just because I am the youngest, [Umm, Paige, Jonathan's the youngest.] and the prettiest, does not mean you can desert me and leave me in town while you guys come home and have a picknick,” yelled Paige. “You two are just jelous.” [They probably are.]

Suddenly Velvet started laughing. She could not help herself. “Jelous,” she screamed still laughing, “of you.” She was still laughing.

Then Paiges look showed more than anger. Paige ran at her at full speed. Then the two girls were tumbling in the dead leaves pulling each others hair, screaming.

* * * * *

“What is going on out there,” said Hesta Foster, her dark green eyes wide with worry.

“I do not know darling” said Edward. “I will go check.”

* * * * *

“Girls, what are you doing,” demanded father.

Fiona watched as her father pulled Paige and Velvet apart. Her mother screaming at them to stop fighting. As Fiona walked off into the woods, the cries of her sisters and mother became softer and softer the father she went. It’s strangely quiet out here, she thought. Things are always strangely quiet in the woods. Once when she was ten, her, Velvet, and Paige used to play hide-and-go-seek in this part of the forest. “Things are so nice and quiet out here,” she mumbled to herself. Then she heard something.

Footsteps! She heard footsteps. Then she knew she wasn’t alone.

* * * * *

“Paige, Velvet, what is the meaning of this,” asked mother.

“Velvet and Fiona left me in town mother,” said Paige.

“Speaking of Fiona, where is she,” said father.

She probably ran away so she wouldn’t get into trouble, thought Paige miserably.

“Velvet. Why did you and Fiona leave Paige in town?”

She is trying to be patient with her, thought Paige. It is impossible--. . . . .

Her thoughts were cut short by Velvet when she jumped up and said, “She is fifteen years old. Me and Fiona do not have to babysit her any more.”

For a minute everybody stood in silence. Then the silence was cracked when Velvet said, “I’m going to my room now.”

“I will go start supper,” Paige volunteered. [Suck up.]

* * * * *

“Who’s there,” Fiona said in a horse whisper. Then the most handsom man she had ever seen stepped out in front of her. “Who are you,” she asked in a voice a little above a whisper.

“My name’s Adi,” he said. “What’s yours?” [Pronounced Uh-dee. Named after “the most handsom guy in school” of course.]

“Mine,” she said.

“Yeah, yourse,” said Adi.

“Umm, I don’t know,” she said wonder what her name was. [My, he must think she’s intelligent.]

“You don’t know your own name,” Adi said.

“I ought to go home now. My, my, my mother doesn’t like me too. . . . uhh. . . . do stuff with strangers. [I’m sure she doesn’t. *wink*] Bye,” she said. She turned around and headed home.

* * * * *

By the time Fiona got back home it was very late. It’s very late, she thought. I’m in trouble. Then she saw a figure in the darkness. “Who’s there,” she said.

“Me,” was the reply.

Fiona recognized the voice at once. It was Velvet. “Hello, Velvet, shouldn’t you be in bed,” Fiona said.

“I’m seventeen. I may do what I please,” Velvet said in a very low voice. “Mother and Father would like to speak to you Fiona.”

“Why,” she asked.

“I’m going outside now. [I’m taking a wild guess and thinking she called into the house where she was going, though it sounded like she was already outside… I don’t know. I’m confused.] Fiona, where were you.”

“I was just on a walk threw the woods,” said Fiona.

“Okay,” came Velvets horse reply. Then she steped outside into the dark night.

* * * * *

“Mother, Father,” said Fiona. “Velvet said you wanted to speak with me.” Then Fiona saw that they were already asleep. They probably were tired of waiting for me, she thought. [What caring parents…] Then she headed down the hall to her own bedroom.

* * * * *

And that’s all for January 1st. It got marginally more interesting. Next time on The Tie That Binds: Diary entries, bad dreams, and Vivian counts the clouds.

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