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The Tie That Binds, Part One

Before I post The Dollhouse Murders I wanted to find a picture of the dollhouse I had when I was a kid, in which I would actually act out The Dollhouse Murders, but my mother has hidden her photographs. Till then, I thought I would post the first installment from my masterpiece of sixth grade, The Tie That Binds, a period piece detailing the lives of the Fostor family. Prepare to be bored. I've never read over it for a reason.

The Tie That Binds, Part 1
Written February 1996
Age 11

Characters: Fiona, Velvet, Paige, Jonathan, Edward, Hesta, Adi, Evet, Marlo [I used to write out the names of all the characters in the story on the first page. I should probably add that this is majorly inspired by The Fear Street Saga, the part in the Burning that deals with Simon and Angelica Fear’s children in particular. That was also the extent of my knowledge of what life was like in the 18th century.]

January 1st 1743

[This was all in one gigantic paragraph but I have mercifully broken it up for you. Be grateful.]

“But Father, must Paige really come to town with me and Velvet today,” complained Fiona Fostor.

“Fiona, spend some time with Paige,” said her father, Edward Fostor. “She is your sister.”

Fiona was quite pretty, she had long light brown hair and dark blue eyes.

Then Velvet Fostor came hopping down the stairs smiling gleefully. [That sounds graceful.] “Why Fiona sister, let Paigey poo come to town with us. Mabey [It took me many years to master the word “maybe."] we will have some fun,” said Velvet. Velvet had long blonde hair the color of spun gold, and dark green eyes. Catlike eyes! “Paige,” she called up the stairs, “me and Fiona are ready to go now. Hurry up!”

“Fiona, you should really put on another overcoat. It is quite cold out,” said Edward.

Then Paige came down the stairs. She looked lovely in a powdder pink satin dress with lacing on the coller. Her beautiful black hair tied in a bun held in by white, pink, and yellow flowers. “Hi everybody, I’m ready to go to town now,” said Paige in a very repulsing sweet voice. “Fiona, Velvet, thank you for letting me go to town with the two of you. I even dressed extra specially,” she said in her repulsive voice. [In case you were wondering we’re not supposed to like Paige. Which is why I spent so much time describing her outfit and hair. In later versions Paige is blond and Velvet’s the one with black hair. *shrug* Yeah, I rewrote this. A couple of times.]

Why does she always have to be so perky, thought Fiona, it drives me crazey.

“Fiona,” said Velvet, “I’ll go get your overcoat from upstairs.”

“Okay Velvet, said Fiona.

* * * * *

Where does she keep her diary, wondered Velvet. “Hmmm, the hell with this,” muttered Velvet. “I’d better get downstairs before they start wondering what I’m doing.” She walked over to the closet, and got out Fiona’s Blue overcoat. Then she ran out of the room and down the stairs. [Wait, was she looking for Fiona’s diary? I thought it was Paige they didn’t like.]

“Here you go Fiona,” said Velvet.

“Why thank you Velvet,” she said.

“Come on girls, what are three whealthy young women doing just hanging around. Let’s go to town now,” said Paige. [I hate her.]

Why does she just have to be so damn perky. “Well lets go,” said Velvet. [She sounds more like a snob than perky.]

* * * * *

About twenty minutes later they were at town square.

“Well, what are you two planning to get from town?,” asked Paige.

“I don’t know,” said Fiona, “mabey some apple cider.”

“I think I’m going to get a black satin dress,” said Velvet. [Because they so sold them in stores back then.]

“Don’t you have enough of them Velvet,” said Paige sarcastically. [Oh my, is Velvet Goth?]

I bet Paige is planning to get something to help father out. That’s so like her, though Fiona. [And that’s a bad thing? Besides, with three bitchy teenage daughters I‘m sure he needs all the help he can get.] “So Paige, what are you planning to get?” asked Fiona.

“I think I will get some wood for father,” said Paige. [I’m sure you’ll be able to carry plenty wood by yourself in your powdder pink satin dress.]

Of course, thought Fiona sarcastically.

“Well Paige,” said Velvet, “why don’t you head off and get that wood for father, and we will all meet back here in about thirty minutes. Okay.”

“Okay,” Fiona and Paige said in unision, [I remember being so proud using a spelling word…that I misspelled. I wonder if I passed that test.] and they all headed to where they planned to go.

* * * * *

About twenty minutes later Fiona and Velvet were in town square. Fiona had her apple cider in her hand and Velvet had her satin dress draped around her left arm.

“Velvet, do you think Paige will be here soon?”, asked Fiona.

“No,” said Velvet. “Fiona, I’ve got a wonderful idea,” said Velvet.

“What?” asked Fiona.

We just walk on home and leave Paige behind,” said Velvet.

“Good idea,” said Fiona.

[They’re just so deliciously evil, aren’t they?]

* * * * *

Where are they, wondered Paige, kicking up dust as she walked back and forth. “Ive been waiting here for an hour. I give up I’m just going back home.” She stopped and picked up the wood and headed home. She was aproching the house when she heard something. Something from the backyard.

Giggling! [Oh no! Not giggling! Anything but that!]

She heard giggling from the backyard. Familiar giggling. Velvet and Fiona’s giggling. She dropped the wood and into the backyard she ran. She stood in shock as she saw her brother and her sisters having a picknick. [Oh God no! Not a picnic!]

* * * * *

That’s it for now, because I just can’t take anymore. That’s only to page 5. There’s 37 pages of this crap. Next time: A catfight! No, not with actual cats.

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